An Entertainment & Multimedia Production Company

About Oscar Media Group

In 2006, Wiley B. Oscar founded the Oscar Media Group, Inc. (OMG).   OMG is a versatile multi-media production company that offers a wide range of quality services, concepts, and techniques.   The production company will develop, publish, and distribute literary books, television series, specials, films, and live entertainment.   Oscar Media Group will also provide web-based media solutions and many other innovative ideas.   Although the entertainment industry's influence on the American economy and culture is undeniably powerful and growing, there has been a struggle to generate and deliver a meaningful amount of innovative and culturally influenced productions.   The demand for quality films with entertaining but conscientious content far outweighs the supply.   The OMG philosophy will ensure that all productions capitalize on the industry gaps with entertaining but conscientious content and distribution networks within the public and private sectors.

Executive Team

Wiley B. Oscar, a native of the inner-city streets of Miami, Florida, is the innovator behind Oscar Media Group.   This "Southern American Haitian" whose roots stem from South Georgia and the Caribbean island of Haiti, continues to give all thanks to God.   Wiley acquired his Computer Information Systems Degree with a Business focus from Florida A&M University, after which he then transitioned to Orlando, Florida where he was recruited as a Computer Systems Analyst for a Fortune 200 Corporation.   During his tenure, he was promoted to Senior Business Analyst, and then to his current position as a Senior Engineering Consultant.   As an actor, mentor, and businessman, Wiley used his extracurricular time to volunteer in local non-profit theatres, student films, independent films, and various community events.   As a result of his accolades for his community involvement by organizations such as: People's Theatre, Theatre Downtown, and Orlando Shakespeare Festival.   He is also recognized as a noted public speaker and avid mentor.   His business savvy and passion for performing and mentoring became cohesive when he observed the effect he had on a diverse group of people.   Wiley's reputation as a humanitarian grew through his volunteer work with local community leaders and special projects; and he utilized his exposure to assist other organizations by increasing the visibility of their premature or completed projects.   Mr. Oscar has been requested for special projects as the co-director, producer, actor, and spokesperson for various non-profit and community organizations throughout the state of Florida.   He was selected to judge and later requested to host the 2005 Seminole County NAACP Student Talent Search.   In 2007, Wiley wrote, Executive Produced, Produced, Directed and starred in the short film MIRROR. He is currently refining the concepts for his future projects to be produced by his entertainment company, Oscar Media Group.